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In the vignette "Too Much Break Time", Donna is a mid-level manager at a manufacturing company. Lately, she began noticing that Rita,who's part of her team, was spending way too much time on restroom breaks and is constantly going beyond the allowed 15-minutes-a-day company...
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1.  What options should  managers consider when a valued team member begins to commit policy violations like extended break times?
2.  How should a manager address the situation when the concerned team member begins to justify his/her actions?
3.  Your comments are valuable insights and sharing your experience help us learn from one another.  Thank you for posting your comments.


February 25, 2016
Posting to get iframe!


August 19, 2015
Morale of the team.


March 05, 2012
Good vignette, like the options at the end. Managers need to consider the work, not the person. Have a conversation with the employee. Are any of the discussions with others work related? Are relationships important to the work? Is her chatting distracting others having issues? Is she meeting her work targets and getting results required of her position? Worth investigating first then have discussion with employee regarding impact and get her suggestions on possible solutions, sot that she buys in without being dictated to.


October 14, 2011
A conversation about everyone sticking to the 15 minute break in a group meeting setting may help. I also like Linda's idea of quantifying the issue.


October 13, 2011
1. Consider whether this is affecting the employee or the other employees by taking extended break times

2. Consider sending the employee to a policies training or workshop

posted by: Knokh Irene
October 21, 2016
Excellent idea-and have a staff discussion (policy share and rules; what exceptions our allowed).

Don't point to one person and make it a "need to know" information for the team.


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