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In the vignette "Pumping Up the Resume" - Paula, is a company manager  who is faced with dilemma when Jeff, one of her subordinates finally admits that he pumped up his resume. Although his college record was...
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Discussion Questions:
1. If you were Paula, what options do you have? Which step will you take? Why?
2. Should someone with this predicament consult you, what advise would you give?
3. In your current work environment, how will a scenario like this be handled? Share your ideas/comments/experiences and help us learn
from you.


September 28, 2016
I love the options at the end. Great advice.


March 16, 2013
I like the advice below about coaching him (though he does seem a bit arrogant despite the implied good performance). Very well-done and thoughtful vignette. I like the interactive quality.


November 09, 2011
Coach him--especially given that his performance has been good (implied), and he's thought of well enough to be included in the welcoming committee. This is an opportunity to correct a mistake that could have bigger repercussions down the road -- if it turns into a pattern for him. You'll be doing him a favor, and probably increasing loyalty to you.


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