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In the vignette,"Lost Package", an early office morning work shift turns out stressful for a support representative. A customer, Mr. Jones, called. He apparently feels convinced that the company is entirely at fault for a lost package. Mr. Jones is very angry while...
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1. What are the best practices you can share about handling cases like this?

2. If you were the customer service person would you have handled this differently?


February 03, 2014
I agree with several other posters here. First, verify that the shipment had been delivered, ask the client if it could have been left at another door (this has happened to me) or if someone else could have received it.
Give the client as much information as you have available to help them understand what may have happened.
One thing I always tried to do was to calm the caller down while talking to them and reassure them I was doing everthing I possiby could to help them.


February 01, 2014
Will happily comment if I'm ever able to access the examples.


May 25, 2013
Feel felt and found, show empathy towards the customers issue, i understand how you feel, ive felt as frustated as youmay be now when ordering aomethi g and not getting what o expected but im definitely here to help you out, what ive found it works for our customer other customers in the same situation


January 28, 2013
1. Things like this do happen, so verifying that the shipment was completed is a vital first step.
2. This has happened to me. I advised looking around at other locations the package could have been delivered. Fortunately for both of us, it was at another door out of view.


December 28, 2011
First, ensure the state of the shipment.

If the shipment is really completed and the client has not really received it, tell the customer what time it was delivered and whether someone else could have received it for him.

If the client insists on package being lost, find out the standard organizational procedure to handle such situations and follow through.

If the company does not have a standard procedure to handle such situations and the support personís organization does not allow the support persons to handle lost packages,
- Get the relevant information of the shipping company the customer used (shipping company name, shipped depot, shipped date, etc).
- Provide the customer with a contact details that he could follow up with his shipping company.

If the support personís organization allow the support persons to handle lost packages, then:
- Call the shipping company and find out what happened to the package because as a support person you will have the inside knowledge of what questions to ask and what procedures are followed relevant to shipping than a client.
- Inform the client

Even if the package is still lost and cannot be traced, the client will be happy to be taken care of.


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