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In the vignette  "I Paid More!", Jane is a sales representative for a company that sells a service to business clients. She is confronted by Mike, a long-time customer, who complains that someone he knows...
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1. What do you think has Jane overlooked that has resulted to such an embarrassing confrontation?
2.  How do you think should she manage this brewing crisis?
3.  Please take time to post your views.  Help others learn from your experience or similar cases you know about.  Thank you for sharing your feedback  and helping others learn.


May 20, 2014
Jane should send Mike some tickets to a local sporting event and then figure out a way to smooth things over by offering him an arrangement that is more appropriate. Mike should be rewarded for his loyalty for the company. As the saying goes, "It's easier to keep an customer then it is to get a new one!".


March 07, 2012
Move the conversation back to Mike's situation. "Mike, every client's situation is difference and each contract we create is specific to the needs and circumstances of the company. Her company's contract with us has different provisions than yours and as you and I discussed about your contract - all services are based on our costs. Mike, earlier you mentioned that everything was great with our service. Is there more we could be doing for you?


September 22, 2011
Sales is all about the deal - how well does one negotiate. Jane "got caught" - now she needs to show how good a sales person she is. Does Mike have many other options? How elastic is this market? All of these variables wil help both Jane and Mike decide if they should play "hard ball".


September 21, 2011
I can't blame Mike from being upset, however, Jane has to attract new clients. Jane should consider giving Mike a discount, but not 30%. Maybe 15% to keep him as a client.


September 21, 2011
I think that of the choices indicated, the second choice is the most plausible to the client. The problem is that Jane is put in a defensive position to justify or validate her response. It would prove unethical for her to share the details of other client's deal unless it is new and she can also offer to Mike.

The fourth response leaves the most flexibility for her follow-up with Mike and leaves her in a good position to maneuver. She could proposition Mike to expand the services he is getting from them to better leverage the annual costs. This is the type of response I would suggest:

"I understand your concerns and want to assure you that your long standing with our company means a lot. We are still committed to offer the most beneficial solutions to meet your needs. Our longer term service contracts offer the same level of service with a more attractive annual cost. Do you have time to discuss them in more detail to see if they might better meet your needs?"


September 21, 2011
1. Customers talk and compare their opportunities. 2. Honesty is the best policy.


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