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By joining the Story Impacts project you will obtain these benefits:
  • Join the discussions and share your comments and ideas.
  • Obtain a link to Vignettes without the branding and logos of Vignettes Learning.
  • Obtain iFrames and links so you can publish and share the Vignettes in your web sites and programs.
  • Use the Vignettes in classroom sessions, eLearning, webinars, meetings, and events.
  • All the above are for free – We also plan to provide you with more vignettes regularly.

To access the free vignettes, you are required to post your comments and share your experiences related to the featured vignettes.

Other agreements:

  • You are not permitted to copy and resell the vignettes. You are allowed to use the links and iFrames.
  • You may use the vignettes in your learning courses. However, Vignettes Learning is not responsible for the failure of the vignettes to play. This is affected by many factors beyond the control of Vignettes Learning. Vignettes Learning will try its best effort to make the vignettes constantly play.
  • Vignettes Learning may suspend the Vignettes. However, appropriate and advance notices will be sent to the subscribers.
  • Keep your postings and comments related to the questions and issues of the featured vignette. If you have other concerns and issues, please send us a message through our contact form.

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