It is boots-on-the-ground learning

that begins where ALL learning begins...with a problem to solve, an issue to fix or a situation to address.

The Story of Marco

“Marco doesn’t know how to fix that flange? How to source that leak? How to follow that spec? Send him to training!”

How many times have we heard this?

This is all-too-common refrain today. Yet so many organizations continue to function as if the best way to bring Marco up to speed is one more slide deck, one more e-learning course or one more job aid. But his world is changing. With an increasing push for digitization and automation in the workplace, roles are transforming. And as a result, skills and capabilities that may have been “good enough” in the past won’t help set Marco up for success as the future of work evolves.

In Workflow Learning Workshop, you will learn how to implement strategies and tactics that help workers fix, solve and improve work issues and problems. You will help the workers and learners expand capacities to handle issues that are gaps in operational knowledge, training and learning solutions. You will not only boost your existing training and learning efforts, but also extend beyond where traditional methods have failed or were insufficient. In short, you will help workers and learners become the new self-reliant-thinking workers and learners.

Workflow Learning is an emerging method that impacts every team member and roles in learning and development. The workshop is created for:

  • Leaders who are responsible for strategies and the direction of the L&D efforts
  • Designers who must provide content, answers and solutions
  • Trainers and developers who must provide mentoring and tools
  • Systems and implementation teams that must provide platform and ecosystem
  • L&D specialists in front-line operations that must support Workflow Learning

In the workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Help workers and learners go beyond knowledge, skills and roles to fixing, solving and improving work issues
  • Create and environment to support the new self-reliant-thinking worker and learner
  • Use Workflow Learning in troubleshooting, problem-solving, risk-analysis, crisis response, experimentation, project alignments, resource allocation, and day to day operational workflow issues.
  • Design and develop content useful in Workflow Learning
  • Design and monitor metrics and analytics of Workflow Learning

  • Pinpoint immediate areas in your operations where Workplace Learning creates immediate impacts
  • Study real-world case studies on Workflow Learning impacts
  • Identify what drives the demand for Workflow Learning
  • Implement Workflow Learning strategies that are fit to your organization’s demands
  • Encourage the growth of worker expert contributions in problem solving.
  • Build confidence in sharing experiences from trusted peers
  • Design Surface and Deep Learning Experiences
  • Apply and design thinking through learning using the 25 Models of Workflow Learning
  • Implement the 4-Loop Thinking and Learning Process to boost your learning strategies
  • Differentiate Workflow Learning from traditional training, adaptive learning, microlearning, performance support and other methods
  • Apply the Workflow Diagnostic Process in every type of work issues and situations
  • Develop your skills as a “gentle” mentor and coach in Workflow Learning
  • Select and decipher your options in using technologies including LMSs, performance support, social tools, content development, microlearning and other software
  • Discover how A.I. and Learning Machines help in Workflow Learning
  • Design metrics and analytics to present to stakeholders the return of Workflow Learning

In this workshop, we go beyond theories and ideas. You will experience what workers, facilitators and stakeholders experience.

The workshop consists of 3 virtual webinar sessions and 12 mentored micro-exercises and applications.

  • One-on-one mentoring to help you focus and custom-design your strategies
  • Receive a hard copy of the book, “Workflow Learning” (R. Jimenez, 2019) 250 pages available at
  • Free downloadable plugins to LMSs and authoring tools allowing you to apply Workflow Learning exercises
  • Reusable templates and other practical resources to aid you in understanding and applying Workflow Learning

  • Experience Workflow Learning by going through mini-projects and experiences as a “self-reliant-thinking worker” and as a “gentle” mentor
  • Obtain a reusable “4-Loop Workflow Learning” template
  • Obtain a reusable template for “Workflow Learning Returns Stakeholder Briefing”
  • Receive a copy of the interactive ebook, “Workflow Learning eCosystem and Technology Landscape”
  • Download a white paper and guide on creating a chatbot using Google Learning Machine Engine
  • Access the “New Trainer-Facilitator Profile Review” tool to see your growth areas in knowledge and skills
  • Experience how “gentle” mentoring and coaching help growth self-reliant and problem-solving thinkers

  Ray Jimenez, PhD
  William J. Ryan, PhD
  Melissa Erceg Dougherty
  Jonathan Workman
  Jeffrey Riley
  Tita Beal

For interested participants outside of the US with inquiry regarding time differences, please let us know so we can assist you further. Thank you.

June 2019 Workshop

June 19, 28, and July 12, 2019 - Virtual Webinar Sessions

In between the webinar sessions will be 12 mentored micro-exercises and applications.

Fallback date: July 19, 2019
(In case session is moved due to technical issues.)

Session Times:
8:30 am - 10:30 am - Pacific
9:30 am - 11:30 am - Mountain
10:30 am - 12:30 pm - Central
11:30 am - 1:30 pm - Eastern

Registration Fees:

One participant - $950.00
10% Early Bird Discount
(valid for registration not later than 30 days before the workshop)

Other Discounts:
5% Government/Non-profit Discount
Please contact us for assistance.

Group Attendance
This applies to two or more participants to the same session.
Please contact us for assistance.

The workshop is an in-depth experience employing high interaction, varied multimedia lessons, mini-projects, coaching and mentoring. Due to the extensive need for facilitator and mentor interaction, workshop seats are limited. Reserve your seats early.

Organizations use many forms of collaborative and learning platforms. The workshop does not require participants to use one nor does the workshop promote any specific software or platform. Instead, a proprietary system will be used to enable participants to have hands-on experience throughout the duration of the workshop. Participants will likewise be asked to review, explore or use their company’s or other providers' software and platforms for more meaningful application as needed.

Ray is an incredibly likeable, relatable presenter who provided practical, hands on solutions to issues that run across all organizations. I enjoyed this workshop more than any other I've attended in my professional career.

Aimee Lantzy
Creative Studio Director
Alchemy Systems

This really great seminar successfully addresses ways to provide critical, workflow learning solutions in multiple domains (business, education, etc.). Additionally, the content of the seminar was structured in a way to provide participants with the tools to adapt and customize the tools and processes to fit their own needs.

Dr. Jimenez is an engaging, educated and entertaining instructor. He built on his ideas in an excellent manner, starting with a broad foundation and working up to the specific, all the while checking in with the participants to ensure that everyone understood, before progressing.

David Greenfield
Consulting Educator &EdD candidate
Learning Technologies

“Ray is one of the most natural teachers I have ever met. He is able to take all the high-level concepts that he has studied, discovered and used, and bring them down to a level where almost anyone can understand them.”

Bob Jones
IT Specialist
Johns Hopkins University


Practical applications on how to help workers think, fix, solve and improve problems and learn while doing work. 250 pages presenting case studies and best practices, technical solutions and implementation of Workflow Learning.





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