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Our mission is simple: We want you and your organization to be utterly successful by helping you get ahead of the curve in learning and development.

We do this through:

  • Sharing our unique thought processes and methodologies
  • One-on-One coaching and mentoring throughout your project lifecycle
  • Exclusive access to our library of demos, examples, templates, videos and other valuable resources
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  • Train-the-Trainer certification so you, too, can be the expert

Overall, your team and organization will acquire the needed tools and expertise to make a PIVOT and make the shifts you desire. 

By joining the club today, you, your team, and your organization will acquire the knowledge, tools, and expertise to get ahead of the curve. We Transfer to You What We Do Best

Tita Beal
American Management Association

"I was ready with Dr. J's visionary strategies for developing on-the-job performance fast and effectively."

The Vignettes Learning courses I took in 2015 prepared me to support my organization's decision in 2017 to start offering micro learning in addition to our instructor-led onsite and online courses. Luckily, two years before this major change, I realized early that I would become a dinosaur if I did not strengthen my ability to design learning for participants who are doing the work of several jobs, have limited time for training unless it focuses directly on work challenges, and like googling up quickly whatever information/skills they need, when needed. As an I.D. previously for JP Morgan then Pfizer, I had developed interactive video and online courses, but I had no clue about how to boil a session in a 1-5 day seminar or 3-hour live online instructor-led course down to a few minutes!

Like the shoemaker whose kids have no shoes, as an instructional designer the last thing I wanted to do was take courses. What I did not expect was how brilliantly Dr. Ray Jimenez and his team can turn their online courses into fascinating discovery learning with just slides-chat pods... and lead onsite classroom courses, not as "time-out" from work, but as supportive, high value instructional design work that I could use on-the-job. Thanks to Vignettes Learning courses, when my organization needed an eLearning designer to support existing ILT courses with self-paced micro learning programs, they did not have to scout and budget for outside specialists - I was already in place, their own instructional design employee, armed and ready with Dr. J's visionary strategies for developing on-the-job performance fast and effectively.