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How The Club Works

Formulating a Learning Plan

A Vignettes Learning consultant and the Club member meet and formulate a learning, development and implementation plan tailored to the needs and priorities of the Club member. The goal is to orient the members to the The Club Program. Club members are then oriented to the program and learning milestones are established.

Participating in Group or Self-Paced Workshops with Individualized Mentoring

Based on the individualized plans, Club members can attend any of the scheduled workshops by Vignettes Learning within the year. Or, if the need is more immediate, they have the option of learning at their own pace using the online version of the workshops via webinar recordings. The Club member’s exercises and activities are submitted and reviewed with the help of a mentor. The mentor communicates via email, posting in discussions, Skype/phone calls or through Adobe Connect.

24/7 Access to All Assets, References, Materials

After the Club member has attended a specific workshop, he/she will be provided a website portal to host sample demos and resources. This website features discussion rooms (registration is required). Club members can use the website and share with their in-house community. The available resources are helpful for members to share, inform and educate their community on the Vignettes Learning domain expertise and enable application and practice.

Joining Monthly Mentoring Sessions

On-going bi-monthly mentoring sessions members scheduled and open to Club members. Topics may be scheduled in advance or Members are surveyed to gauge topics of interest. The Mentoring sessions are virtual sessions using Adobe Connect and are scheduled for 45 minutes each.

Getting Assistance with Proof-of-Concept Projects

Club members may request assistance and guidance from Vignettes Learning consultants on their projects. Vignettes Learning consultants will provide guidance to help members develop mock-ups, prototypes and implementation ideas.

Earning Awards and Certifications Based on Learning Plan Milestones

Club members are given awards each time they complete a specific milestone. The final certification is awarded after completion of all the milestones from their initial learning plan.

Providing context to the learner in the form of scenarios and stories has a remarkable impact on comprehension and retention of material, and increases student engagement with the content. Ray’s methods help to bring to life what has traditionally been lifeless and has helped to provide a new and exciting approach to the way we engage our students.

Michael Kolodziej, Ed.D.
AVP, Learning Design and Innovation

"... bring to life what has traditionally been lifeless courses."