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What makes L&D functions more creative and competitive?

In today's environment of rapid changes, innovative organizations intentionally redesign the way they train and develop their people.

" I learned more about design skills in three days than in the previous 3 years."

Peter Hertzberg, PHD
Training Coordinator INOC
Dr. Ray Jimenez provides a concise, well developed process for understanding the complexities of story-based eLearning. He provides numerous examples of what works and what does not. Ray then provides a blueprint an instructional developer can follow to produce effective, engaging eLearning. I learned more about design skills in three days than in the previous 3 years. I highly recommend the Story-Based eLearning Design Online Workshop to anyone who wants to evolve to the next level of eLearning design.

Owning the Intellectual Property and Transfer of Knowledge

The Club is Vignettes Learning’s Transfer of Knowledge Program to help bring your team and your organization to new levels of performance success. The Program combines Vignettes Learning’s signature methods and techniques that will leave your team with sharpened skills, fresh mindsets, new tools and technologies, and expert support so you can make a stellar difference in delivering results.

Exclusive Knowledge for a Select Few

The certification program is open to learning and development professionals and business leaders who wish to further their expertise. With a Stellar Certificate, L&D professionals will be equipped with the knowledge to apply, share and conduct in-house training with the tools and efficiency of an exclusive Vignettes Learning session. In this way, the knowledge becomes your own.

Original Content and Resources

The Club is meticulously developed from a combination of our proven approaches to learning and application. Microlearning, Story-Based eLearning, Scenario-Based Learning and the Masterful Virtual Trainer are our signature workshops. Exclusive learning materials including over 100 live demos, e-books, handouts, examples and templates are available 24/7 to supplement the learning experience.

Personalized Attention

Your bases are covered with Vignettes Learning’s The Club program. You receive two customized Train-the-Trainer programs that are designed to either coach an individual trainer, or to prepare a team of three - five people. These programs are designed to maximize your learning. 

Technology Enabled and Supported

The Club Program not only provides your team with the tools and resources of the signature Vignettes Learning Workshops, but certifies your team to conduct effective, fun and efficient training sessions with the intellectual property rights to help make our workshops your own.