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“It’s life changing, fantastic, mind opening, practical, useful …”

What participants say...

Micro-Learning for Disruptive Results exceeded my expectation in regards to content and delivery method. I feel like I went to the "head of the class" in the marketplace in my ability to respond to the “Seeker Learner” who wants answers now! Ray's short sessions/assignments spread out over two weeks gave me breathing room to digest the content and apply it immediately to a training redesign project. My personal Vignettes mentor gave valuable feedback to correct my work and deepen comprehension. Micro-Learning's “just in time” workflow delivery will lower costs and increase speed - exactly what every business needs! Ray Jimenez and team walk their talk and deliver with class.

Patrice Lynn
Training Specialist
Sacramento, CA

Ray is one of the most natural teachers I have ever met. He is able to take all the high-level concepts that he has studied, discovered and used, and bring them down to a level where almost anyone can understand them.

Bob Jones
IT Specialist
Johns Hopkins University

Providing context to the learner in the form of scenarios and stories has a remarkable impact on comprehension and retention of material, and increases student engagement with the content. Ray’s methods help to bring to life what has traditionally been lifeless and has helped to provide a new and exciting approach to the way we engage our students.

Michael Kolodziej
Associate Director
Instructional Design & Academic Quality
Ashford University / Technology Changes EverythingTM

I recommend this workshop to my associates and for those who want to have a good grounding in elearning implementation, its tools and learning design.

Stephanie Byerley

A 'wow' and terrific speaker, and whole lotta fun.

Robin Kileen
Discovery Cards

Ray Jimenez is a first-rate facilitator providing thorough, excellent learning examples and hand-out material in his e-learning workshop.

Natalie Crede
Chico's FAS, Inc.

Ray really knows his stuff. The e-learning course has given me the background to manage projects, cut costs and stay on budget.

Michael Arnoldus
Los Angeles Unified School District

Ray does a masterful job of integrating technical components with instructional design concepts and organizational objectives. His knowledge adds clarity to anyone interested in e-learning.

Camille Buchanan
Washington State Ferries

Ray is a delightful and knowledgeable facilitator, and best of all, he continues to promote your learning even after you think it’s over.

Heather McGill
Oakwood International