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The Club is your gateway to an enriched experience for you, your team, and your learners.

  1. The Opportunity to Attend Five Innovative Workshops
  2. Mentoring and Coaching
    • 18 one-hour small group virtual sessions with a Vignettes Learning coach and mentor. These sessions include an exchange of ideas and experiences on the practical applications that matter most. Schedules and topics are set in advance, however, as a Club member, you can submit requests for your topics in advance.
    • One-on-One Mentoring on exercises and projects.

  3. Assets and Technology
    • Over 100 live demos, prototypes and templates - tools and resources to use
      as models and references
    • An exclusive website to host and share demos – have the ability to network
      within your organization to share resources to your in-house teams

  4. Transferring Your Knowledge to Others
    • Ability to train others using VL's assets - Permission to use the copyrighted
      presentations, exercises, templates and demos for in-house training and consulting

  5. Guidance on Projects
    • Get advice on your projects – partner with Vignettes Learning consultants on
      implementation of prototypes and proof-of-concepts to implement in-house
      projects based on the Vignettes' Standards.

  6. The Club Certification

    Each time members complete the requirement for the Club Development Plan, they receive a certification. These are the levels of certification: 

      • Designer's Craft - acquiring the skills and knowledge to be a designer and developer
      • Train-the-Trainer & Expert - building the presenter and expert skills
      • Technology Architect - applying the knowledge of planning and implementing platforms and tools  

Please see the The Club Development Plan below. 

The Club Development Plan

Your learning team will go through three phases of development.

 The Club members attend, access, receive, employ, benefit from public and in-house workshops, coaching, mentoring, project guidance, use of demos, templates, workshop trainer materials and guides, exercise, references, videos, software and application.  

Sophie Acomat
Ray's workshop has been very enriching: it has confirmed my intuition about the power of stories in learning design, and it has provided me with a structure or framework that I can use to design effective and exciting story-based e-learning. And to top it all of, dynamic webinars and great support. Loved it!