Shape every member of your team to become a valuable key player in your company's growth. Position your team to gain access to the newest ways to cut cost, increase speed of development, and meet every milestone with success. Realign. Remotivate. Restart your company trajectory towards growth.


The ONLINE Story-based eLearning Design Workshop enables you to convert existing or new eLearning content into stimulating learning experiences.

Workflow Learning is a boots-on-the-ground learning approach that is rooted in the knowledge that people are continuously learning in the workflow.

A Highly interactive virtual workshop to help you design and deliver engaging, provocative and refreshing virtual sessions using Stories, Interactions and blended methods.

Microlearning for disruptive results is an in-depth, hands-on microlearning implementation workshop for eLearning designers, developers and leaders training , training and learning specialists, Project leaders, and directors.

Faster, Easier and Affordable ways to Connect Formal Training to informal and Workflow Learning.

An online workshop on how Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and super specialists can transfer knowledge more clearly and effectively - for training, eLearning, on-the-job performance support or mobile tools.




Realign your team with a highly interactive, transformative, impact-filled learning experience. Vignettes’ unique and pragmatic approach makes application results highly achievable and sustainable.

  • Custom-designed content to meet your organizational needs, and learning goals.
  • Enjoy these two unique workshop features:
    • One-on-one coaching as part of the workshop.
    • Exclusive invitation to a workshop group site with valuable demos, examples and other resources that will be accessible for up to six months after the workshop event.


Join our growing roster of clients who have taken full advantage of our expertise to achieve their organization’s growth and development goals.

Ray Jimenez was able to organize content, provide resources and arrange relevant assignments that can be used at your company. I was able to attend this workshop and work on a live company project that can actually be used! - all while receiving wonderful mentor feedback every step of the way. The workshop is well paced and gives you all the time you need to understand and apply the concepts. This workshop inspired me to think of new innovations/tools and methodologies and I came back to work after the last session ready to take on initiatives! I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend this workshop and look forward to attending others as I can!

Jennifer Miller Sr. Instructional Designer UnitedHealthcare

I would recommend the Microlearning for Disruptive Results workshop to anyone that needs to create microlearning training. The multiple examples and resources provided the "how" and not just the "why or what." I will take these into the future as I create exercises geared toward behavior change; which is a huge differentiation for my clients.

Ruth Simmons, Learning Experience Architect
Wilson Learning Inc.

This workshop was my first experience in my role as a new trainer in the company. I am already working on a project using the tools I was given in the workshop. The content was relevant and succinct, and I felt comfortable asking questions. I will definitely participate in future workshops!

Elaine Moyer, Training Specialist
Vystar Credit Union

Course design can be challenging. This workshop shows how to relate real-life scenarios with participant feedback in an iterative manner to build learning content from prior knowledge to need-to-know content.

Elizabeth Waite, Education and Information Officer
State of Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending

"Let's talk. I would love to exchange ideas with you and get you fired up with new insights."


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