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"The Angry Manager" vignette shows us that in a fast-paced work environment, anger may not always be avoided....
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1. Are angry outbursts in your workplace a common occurrence? If  yes, why? If not, what could be the reason/s? 
2. How should anger be managed by those who witness an angry co-worker vent? 
3. What can one do to hold their anger in check?


June 19, 2013
Anger is tricky, because it usually points to a deeper unresolved issue that may be unrelated to the job. I think coaching would help. The person can be taught what appropriate and professional reactions are to work-based situations. I think outbursts are very common, and it should not be tolerated..


March 05, 2012
Would help this vignette to have suggested solutions at the end. Listening is the key to dealing with anger and to calm most people down. Then address behaviours impact on work and others in the workplace. Create an action plan to address it, anger can't be left to resolve itself as it might escalate and creste unsafe environment.


February 03, 2012
I haven't been able to view the vignette. Do I have to post a comment prior to viewing the video?

posted by: Diez Celle
February 10, 2012
Hi...I once experienced the same thing. Apparently, I had slow internet speed at that time. When I checked back the following day after clearing my cache and with my internet speed back to normal, I was able to play the vignette without problems.=) I also heard that firewall settings can also affect things like this.


January 31, 2012
I would be afraid for my safety if I were in a nearby cubicle. I certainly wouldn't attempt to calm him down. I'd get out of his way. Later, I'd want to dialogue in my company about what level of anger is acceptable.


January 31, 2012
I work in K-12 as a reading/intervention coach. It is never right to lose your cool in front of the students. Whenever I feel myself getting upset I think, "Is what I want to say conducive to further employment." This way I keep my mouth shut and stay on the job.

When teachers are upset, I find the best way to soothe the situation is just to listen. I offer water, mints, and tissues and I do not offer advice unless he/she asks for it. Most of the time, an angry co-worker just wants a listening ear.


January 27, 2012
sometimes (not often) i loose my temper. in these moments, i just need the others to pay me some attention. i calms me down right away.


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