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  presents Ray Jimenez's two dynamic Workshops is dedicated to the vision of providing clients and members research and application-based eLearning methods, tools, widgets and systems.


by Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.

A cure to really long and irrelevant eLearning

Ray Jimenez, a decade ago, started to evangelize and conduct his research and applications of 3-Minute and chunking eLearning (incidentally this is now a book). Today, there is growing realization in the eLearning community that chunking content is a key ingredient of successful eLearning design. However, in a recent, survey conducted by Ray Jimenez, when designers were asked the question "how do you chunk", there are numerous divergent responses. Some of the answers are: "reduce length of the lessons", "focus on what is important", "focus on the must-learn", "less time for learners", and many more.

These responses indicate a problem, "designers, developers and subject matter experts have no effective methodology to chunk content." 3-Minute eLearning and chunking is not just cutting the length of the content or reducing seat time. There is a process and method that ensures that "micro-lessons and content" are effective and help learners learn, apply and improve their performance. Furthermore, chunk content drastically reduces the cost of eLearning development and reduces the time it takes to deliver and implement.

In this workshop, Ray Jimenez will share with participants his years of experience and findings on how to develop, implement and deliver 3-Minute and chunked eLearning programs.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What research findings support 3-Minute and chunked eLearning design?
  • How to test and discover that the content is bloated and unnecessarily large to actually help learners?
  • How to analyze and process your business and learning needs and produce chunked content?
  • How to work with subject matter experts to help them chunk their content?
  • How to validate that the chunks of your eLearning are meeting the demands of the organization?
  • How to structure lessons to allow faster learning and applications?
  • How to select software and development approach that supports chunk content?
  • How do you use multimedia to enhance chunk content?
  • How to set-up and design programs and curriculums in your LMS (Learning Management Systems) to supports chunk learning?
  • How do you measure the results of 3-Minute and chunk eLearning?
  • How do you cut 70% of the costs of your eLearning program by using the chunking process?
  • How do you use 3-Minute and chunk learning to support the growth of informal and social learning?

Dozens of Demos, 3-Minute eLearning Book, Take-aways, Resources, and Community Networking

Participants are able to access online references, take-aways, checklists, hand-outs, and templates up to 12 months after the workshop. They become members to a community of participants to network, share and get support. They will have access to a secure server to view dozens of examples and demos on applications of e-Minute and chinking eLearning programs.

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Target participants

The workshop is for instructional designers, developers, writers, trainers, subject-matter experts, and project leads who wish to apply 3-Minute and chunk eLearning processes in their projects. It is recommended for those who are in the process of creating their eLearning programs and those who want to re-invigorate their programs and making them more engaging and effective.


Participants to the workshop are required to have basic web browsing skills and have basic skills and experience in participating in virtual learning environments such as WebEx, Elluminate or Adobe Connect. There is no requirement for participants to have eLearning authoring skills.

Project-based workshop - Certification

Participants to the workshop are required to develop a simple and basic lesson applying the
ideas of 3-Minute and chunk eLearning methods. This small project is required before certification is issued.

Online Workshop schedule, structure and design

The workshop has three sessions for a total of nine hours. Each session consists of three-hours. Each session has two parts: Part 1 - Attendance to facilitated group presentations and discussions and Part 2 - Self-driven applications and projects. Part 1 is usually around one hour and a half and Part 2 is usually around another one hour and a half. Participants make wish to spend more time with their projects.

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