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In-House and Custom Developed Workshops
If you have a team of instructional designers, writers, trainers, developers, consultants, and project managers, it will benefit you to consider implementing the workshops in-house. All VFT classroom workshops (not Interactive Online Workshops) can be implemented as an in-house workshop.

These are the key benefits of an in-house workshop:

  • Tailoring the examples, illustrations and demos to suit your goals

  • Customizing the topics to supplement or reinforce your in-house strategies and plans

  • Using the workshop to kick-off your internal
    e-learning team

  • Featuring software that your team is familiar with or need to have more exposure

  • Sharing a common lingo, philosophy and processes among your team members

  • Adapting the workshop processes and models to be your internal processes

  • Reducing travel related costs

  • Reducing your staff’s time away from work

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