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What Participants say

"eLearning is a VERY broad topic and this class manages to touch on all aspects in three days. The course offers a brief introduction to HTML, provides hands-on experience working with chat rooms, surveys and discussion boards. This course also provides an excellent overview of the many commonly used e-learning terms. As a stand-up trainer I found the experience to be invaluable and am already working on implementing some of the concepts I learned. Through this course, I discovered that I am a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) person and not an HTML code person. However, knowing some of the codes is important for communicating with a web designer. I discovered that I don't have to do it all. I can work with our IT team to create an e-learning program that works. Ray Jimenez does an excellent job providing course materials and facilitating the course."

~Christine Walker
Corporate Training Manager, IMT Real Estate Group, Inc.

"Here are the things I'm most impressed with:
During the workshop, participants actually create their own mini course, which is unique to this e-learning workshop. The resource manual, documents, the entire design process very thoroughly discusses content, software and system options to consider."

"Ray Jimenez is fun!"

~Carol Waltz
Curriculum Designer, MetLife

"I did get a lot out of this three-day session. What I liked most was seeing some of the development tools in action and learning how to use older technology with current software to make the learning online interactive. To me, interactivity (not just clicking buttons) that causes the person to think, make judgments and then make choices is more important than all the flash you can deliver."

"I really liked the way Vignettes shows you how to make a learning website flow. The concept is great and is going to allow me to link training with the help system I am creating. I am building a help system right now as it meets the number one need we have. We are implementing a new system and the vendor help system does not address third party components we have integrated. What I hope to start this summer is building the learning part that will use the help system as the "more information" component."

~Jeffrey L. Riley, AAM, COI
Palmer & Cay, Inc.

"I recommend this workshop to my associates and for those who want to have a good grounding in elearning implementation, its tools and learning design."

~Stephanie Byerley

"We had our own PCs, a 'wow' and terrific speaker, and whole lotta fun."

~Robin Kileen
Discovery Cards

"Incredible presentation.. an eye opener. Now I'm confident to take on the e-learning challenge."

~George Levine
Training Manager, Oracle Corporation

"Ray Jimenez is a first-rate facilitator providing thorough, excellent learning examples and hand-out material in his e-learning workshop."

~Natalie Crede
Chico's FAS, Inc.

Ray really knows his stuff. The e-learning course has given me the background to manage projects, cut costs and stay on budget.

~Michael Arnoldus
Los Angeles Unified School District

"Ray does a masterful job of integrating technical components with instructional design concepts and organizational objectives. His knowledge adds clarity to anyone interested in e-learning."

~Camille Buchanan
Washington State Ferries

It was amazing and incomprehensible how much ground we were able to cover. In a short time, I felt like I got a solid and well-rounded foundation into e-learning. Ray is a delightful and knowledgeable facilitator, and best of all, he continues to promote your learning even after you think its over.

~Heather McGill
Oakwood International

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